Medals, trophies, corporate plaques, ribbons ... we do it all!

Wether it is for a sport, corporate or any other event, we can supply trophies, medals, plaques and ribbons that will suit your needs.

Minimum order quantity

We don't have minimum order quantities. Wether it is for a single award or for a large quantity, the products and services we offer and the products we offer are the same!


You can either choose from our existing designs, have one made specifially for you or you can provide your own. We accept Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or CorelDraw (.cdr) files.

The technology

Laser cutting and engraving is an amazing technology, which provides a simple and efficient way to end up with a high-quality finished product. That's why we can engrave and cut things that would be impossible, or at least very complicated and costly to produce using another technology. Our highly precise, computer-controlled laser cutting and engraving machines will be able to produce items in smaller quantities for a fraction of the price it would cost using sandblasting or die-cutting.

Our technology allows us to work with multiple materials such as glass, wood, acrylic or readily available objets like bottle openers or cutlery. We have in stock multiple types of acrylic and wood, and we will gladly go out of our way to find a material we don't have if you request it. The options are infinite, and that's what we like about the laser technology. We love custom projects, that's what makes working with these machines always interresting!


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You can get a quote quickly and easily by contacting us by e-mail or by phone. All we need is the item number from the catalog and the page.

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